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Natal, City of the Sun!

That’s what Natal is called in Brazil.

The city is located directly on the coastline near the equator in the southern hemisphere, just a 7 hour flight from Lisbon and a 9 hour flight from London or Amsterdam.

For the more accurate amongst us: -5,795 ° S and -35.208889 ° W.

Beach Ponta Negra

What Natal characterizes is its endless beaches, clean air, nice hotels, good food and always friendly people.
And of course .... Sun, Sun and much more SUN, over  2600 hours per year with a daily average temperature of 30°C. It is always summer in Natal!

The ocean? Always 27 °C. Therefore a stay in Natal always guarantees warm summer evenings and a pleasant stay.

Because Natal is located near the most eastern part of South America the time difference with London and Lisbon is only 3 hours. The time difference with central Europe is only 4 hours. So you don’t have to worry about the jetlag.

Due to its strategic location it makes Natal the perfect hub to visit many other locations in Brazil and South America. Take for example the bustling Rio de Janeiro with its famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. The Corcovado (Christ Statue) should certainly not be missed.

Also for a trip to the Amazon Natal is the perfect location to travel from.

CarnivalAnd then of course the Carnival ... just experience it ...

We have become enthusiastic years ago, what about you?