Flights to Natal

The way to visit Natal from abroad is by plane. Of course you could also go by boat� but that will take a little bit longer�

Route Europe Brazil

The largest portion of international flights depart from southern Europe. For the Portuguese and Spaniards, it is only a 7 hour flight before you touch ground in Natal. For Western Europe it is slightly longer. From Amsterdam and London it is 9 hours. Just not long enough to get annoyed by the duration of the flight. Therefore Natal is becoming more and more interesting as a holiday destination and a place to relax during Europe�s winter season. The sun always shines and it is always nice and warm. For an overview of all direct flights from Europe to Natal, please click on the airlines page.

The route

Leaving from Western Europe the distance about is 7500 km and the flight goes south towards Paris and Lisbon, then the direction is towards the Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands. From that point it is still a 3 hour Atlantic crossing before you put your feet safely on the ground in Natal. Depending on what Airline you take it is possible that you have to make a stopover in Lisbon.