Food and Drinks

When it comes to eating and drinking you�ll be pampered in Brazil. First of all, the immense country has many types of vegetables, fruits, meat and of course with its 8000 kilometres of coastline various types of fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Because the coastline runs from tropics to the colder parts in the extreme south of Brazil, an enormous variety is available.

MoquecaFurthermore, Brazilians are very demanding where it concerns the freshness and purity of foods and drinks. Very understandable in a country where the fish is almost swimming on your plate and the fruits are growing in every corner of the street�
The controls on hygiene are very strict so without any problems you can eat or have a snack anywhere. Therefore you don�t have to be surprised by food poisoning.

On the contrary, often you�ll be surprised by the high level of service the Brazilians provide when it comes to eating or drinking. They absolutely do not like to leave dissatisfied customers.

The Brazilians are used to eat a hot meal twice a day. Therefore in almost every place in the country restaurants and kiosks can be found. Enjoy your meal....